Welcome to a New Life

I always wanted to be a "Mommy"--it was a romantic preoccupation, along with being a published writer, an acclaimed editor, and a knowledgeable and renown environmental scientist.  Big dreams, big dreams.

I think being "Mommy" is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had-- seriously.  I wouldn't trade it for the world, but romanticizing about it and living it are two totally different things.

When I was a full time paid employee there were times when I just couldn't wait for my grand exit from the workforce, but then I found a great job, and leaving wasn't an option, and then, suddenly, it became the only thing I could do for my little one.  People may not believe this, but I was determined to make my little one endure daycare...and then I met him and when my 6 weeks of maternity leave were up, my heart was stolen, my world had changed, and my priorities lay in the crook of my arm and in the glance of the man sitting across the table from me...but that is jumping too far into the future of the story and of this blog.

Mommy-hood started on the day my little one was conceived sometime in the first week of December 2009...and ever since that fated uniting of sperm and egg, my world was no longer my own.

In the past 16 months life has changed quickly, and sometimes abruptly, mostly for the better, but not without some scars.

I can honestly say that until I became a Mommy, I did not truly appreciate or understand everything a mother does and continues to do, day in and day out; morning, noon, or night; every hour of every day.  It is a job 365/7/24, but the reward is amazing...from the open arms of your child, that unprecedented smile when you walk in the room, or the giggles that wake you up in the middle of the night.  I would never give it up, ever.

And so, as my journey began, now my blog begins on what is it like to live the Life of a Mommy.