Johnson's baby shampoo has toxins...?

OK I am just flabbergasted...J&J has been making baby shampoo and washes for years and only now we find out that it contains traces of two potentially cancer-causing chemicals: dioxane and quaternium-15 (the latter of which releases formaldehyde).

I am bewildered on how it has stayed approved by the FDA and other authorities...my guess is that there are trivial amounts, but still, a young baby needs to be protected.

Here's the full article I found, check it out, at your 'leisure' :


Keep getting kicked...

I think, in life, everyone goes through stuff, and, well, right now, it's our time.

We keep getting kicked in the face, as a collective family-- my husband, son, and I. Granted it could be much, much worse, but still, it sucks.

Right now, the latest and greatest (outside of my husband's not-so-good work situation), is the problems we keep having with this money pit of a house.

Moisture, potential for mold, exists...but the big, big problem-- our foundation seems to be shifting, cracking, and breaking away from the house, in some cases.

Then we're losing our backyard down a hill due to the erosion and grading of our property.

Add in the incessant flux of spiders and ant parties, and throw some fuel onto the fire with a dirty and unaligned HVAC, and there you have just one week in the life of our family.

I'm down, I'm down...I surrender...don't you see me waving my white flag.

"All right, move on, the show is over," is what I would love to say, but I don't know enough to proclaim it in a voice louder than a whisper for the fear of even more vehmenent repercussions.