Bert & Ernie; Sesame Street

So, I haven't written in awhile-- life has been crazy.

Today my husband sent me a really weird, yet relevant, article on Sesame Street.  I've suddenly become very enthused with the show because 1) my son watches and finally drinks down his whole bottle (this has been a struggle for us since about 9.5 months) and 2) it's so much better than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (not truly DUMB characters, sorry Minnie and Daisy).

They want Bert and Ernie to tie the knot. 

I understand why it's garnering media attention, but really?...is it worth it? To me it's just a little ridiculous.  There's so many other items that Fox can report on, why this?

Ugh...how about they discuss and inform us more on the plummeting stock market? 

AP photo

Now this is NEWS ;-)