Change is Forever...

Life is constantly in flux, I guess.

We have changed the sunroom into a playroom for our son.  It looks great, but I do feel bad as we had to, again, move the dog's spot for sleeping.  (However, please not that she still does have three spots for sleeping/resting, we added another sleeping/resting spot in her Dad's office with the loss of her sunroom hangout.)

Our son needed a place to be safe, while not getting into some yucky stuff, like the dog food and water bowls...for some reason he has a natural affinity to these bowls--ugh, yuck, gross.

I have to move some of my stuff out of the room, i.e., some writing notebooks and papers on the very bottom shelf of a filing cabinet, but otherwise the room 'seems' childproofed and 'seems' good to be inhabited by our little explorer.

I can't believe how fast and how big he has gotten already...it's truly an awe-inspiring turn-of-events, especially since last year at this time he was just a small little fetus in utero.

So wonderous, so crazy, but, then again, this is life...

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