Quiet morning moments: take them when you can

I think my son is getting the hang of Saturday morning with Mommy and Daddy.  He finally has the capacity to lay in bed with us, and snuggle, giggle, and so adorably suck on his trademark two fingers.  (Note: until a couple of days ago, our son would wake up and be all beside himself, so I can only hope that this phase lasts.)

However, I think this happy is happening because the minute I hear him wake up (yes, I still use a monitor), I scramble to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face, and use the potty, and then race into his room.  He doesn't have a chance to cry and mornings are a little more pleasant.

The sacrifice of getting my stuff done quick in order to get to him before Cry-fest 2011 begins is definitely worth the effort.  (And, yes, I see the selfishness of my actions, but I like this time with my two guys.)

When our son was born, I never thought quiet moments would follow--it has been a struggle with colic, reflux, constipation, and, now, teething.  I can't say one is worse than the other-- they were all pretty brutal in different ways. 

Yet, with every stepping stone, a new milestone is reached.  As a family you get through it, and you forget when the next journey begins. 

Something I just realized: don't forget to look back.  Look at where you came from and recognize how far you've all gotten and how much your family has grown individually and as a unit.  It's amazing.

I can't believe now how fast our little guy has grown.  It's awesome and sad all at once.

Is this is what they call Mommy-amnesia?

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