Hot, Sticky, Humid

It seems that this is just 'one of those weeks' --you want to do so much, but then you step outside and it is just plain old G-R-O-S-S.  It is hot and sticky outside in North Carolina this week. 

I would think about going to the neighborhood pool, but then I re-think that thought each day, after the Hand, Foot and Mouth incident posted to the neighborhood's Yahoo group.  A 2 yo girl got the yucky ailment because our HOA didn't close the pool when its cleaning system died for a day or two, turning the water cloudy.  Yuck.

I am sure it's fixed...yes, the HOA said it was on Monday, but I still just can't bring my 10 month old there yet.  Yes, I am over-protective.  I even called my nurse-line fromo BCBS to make sure I knew all the symptoms of HFM, just in case the LO caught it.

So the weather is hot, I am bored, which, in turn, means the LO is bored.  Poor little guy, like me, needs to constantly be amused.  He likes TV, but that is a 20-some minute treat he gets maybe once a day.  (Yes, I let my child watch TV--some times the going gets rough, sue me.)

He is "napping" now-- he isn't, I know he's not, he is whining every couple minutes, but I am hoping he falls asleep. 

We're going to the Farmer's Market after his next bottle and lunch.  (This is one of the four bottles in a day where I will have to work on feeding him for 2 hours that follow the official bottle time...[I'll write about that in another post.])  We're going to get fresh veggies for the 4th, and, potentially, some good fruit.

I hope he sleeps...if not, I'm going to have a very unhappy baby in a stroller when it's already hot, humid, and sticky outside beneath the old farmer hanger in downtown Raleigh. 

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