Work and Play...every day

I've come up with a plan of action.  Every day, no matter what, I need to blog.  I am hoping it will keep my writing clean and my mind sharp, and give me some of that connection to the outside world. 

These past ten months my resolutions have been noble, but have been shot down quickly like clay plates being tossed in the air just to be blown apart.

I started thinking I was going to blog on my life as a Mommy, but I realized I am much more dimensional than being JUST a Mommy.  I am still a member of society, something I now forget.  I realized that even though my son is my life, I also still have a life.  My son is an extension of his Daddy (my husband and a man) and me (his Mommy, a wife, and a woman).  I have to show my sweet little boy, and me, that I can function at various levels of play and work.  Not easy.

I've learned to WORK hard through life...that's easy for me.  But now I have to learn to PLAY hard too, or else you become a grumpy old person.  And according to today's society, old is over 85, so I have a long time to get to 'old' and be privileged to be grumpy on demand.  (Oh, I can't wait for that privilege--I've already had great practice for the past 30-some years.)

I am thinking how sad I am as a person that I failed to see PLAY throughout my ENTIRE life, but rather I fixated on WORK.

Now is my chance to change a little--I am going to WORK and PLAY hard.  (I should add the word TRY before PLAY given my track record.)

In essence, it's going to be a long, hard road, but hopefully rewarding for me and those around me too.

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