Bugs in my plant

The plant that my husband and son bought me for my birthday has bugs.  The bugs came from an infested basil plant my parents gave me.  I am so sad.  I have had it in the garage without water since Monday. 

Tonight, I will water it with a hydrogen peroxide/water mix, in the hopes of killing all eggs and larvar in the first 2 inches of the soil.  I hope to move my baby plant (Calla Lilies) back in the house tomorrow morning. 

It is so sad.   I had to move it out, though, before it infested the other plants, and I was already finding the little boogers just wandering the airwaves in the house.  Ugh.  I felt dirty from them, and they were super annoying.

The break in the heat is over-- we'll be back in the hundreds tomorrow.  It was a nice stretch of about 5 days with humidity, but not extreme humidity.  I've learned beggers can't be choosy in the NC summers.

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