Peaches and Cream Barbie

A fond memory for me was a trip to Toys R Us with my Uncle G. My family didn't really go to Toys R Us all that much because it was way too expensive.  My parents knew that bringing my sister and I to toy mecca was not a good idea if they didn't want to spend the $$ on toys...and my parents didn't really see much use for us having a lot of toys, so we didn't go there very much.

Regardless, my Uncle G took the three of us, my cousin, sister, and me, to Toys R Us with the intention of buying my cousin a toy.  Unfortunately, though, the poor guy got suckered into the wide-eye wonder of three kids, and ended up forking out a pretty penny for a toy for each of us.

For me, all I can say is "How COOL was that?" 
And I still think the same 80's answer:  "Totally"

I got my second Barbie that day.  I still have her in her little Barbie world wardrobe case.  I can honestly say she is still one of my favorite Barbies; her name:  Peaches and Cream.  She wore an awesome peach chiffon gown with spaghetti straps and a glittery, white rhinestoney-looking top.  Her blond hair flowed, and her long peach boa was soooo pretty.  I wanted my Prom dress to look like Peaches and Cream's dress. 

Sidebar:  Yes, I was thinking of my Prom at 5 years old [1984], and little did I know how sadly disappointed I would be when I went to Prom in 1997.

I never forgot my Toys R Us experience. 

Then, just the other day I got a Hallmark circular for "Christmas in July"...and there she was "Peaches and Cream" as a Hallmark ornament.  Yay!  A good 80's memory. 

For the past couple of days I have been thinking I need to send an email to Uncle G to tell him all about Peaches and Cream, but I doubt that experience will be etched in his memory.  He probably made a lot of trips to Toys R Us.

There are days, like the day I received that circular, where a good memory comes into my mind like a strong tide...and the recession of the wave leaves me with a warm, fuzzy feeling that motivates me through the day.

I hope to give my son memories like that one day.

And I'd like to thank my Uncle G for giving me that memory.

Here she is, the one and only:

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