A true love story never ends

This is sappy, but since I have been with my husband and then we birthed our little boy, I realize each day what it really means to love someone.

Love is not just something that happens overnight.  You fall in love, but you don't truly become immersed in love until you know the ins and outs of that person.  In True Love you can take that person and love them no matter what, in all their glory and through the depths of despair.

True Love is to see what is not seen in darkness, and to hold on to that in the sunshine.

True Love is strong and binding, it brings happiness, it is forgiving, it is genuine, and it is always present.

True Love doesn't end; it grows each day, week, month, and year...True Love has no boundaries.  There is never too much True Love; this sort of Love you can hold, have, or give to another always.

True Love is earned, it is not just given for the sake of show.

If you put together building blocks, a strong and sturdy foundation can eventually give you True Love.

True Love cannot end, but Love can die...

Love dies when there is selfishness, when there are agendas, when there is doubt, when there is fear, when there is disrespect, when there is cheating, where there are lies, where there is deception...if any of these items happen, the giver of love will question whether or not Love was ever there.

In all cases Love is a gamble, but it is a risk worth taking. 

True Love happens few times in life, but when you find it-- hold on to it tightly, and know that the one you truly love will also be holding on to the feeling just as tightly as you are holding on to it.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of True Love...it is reciprocated with like might.

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