Little Man: separation anxiety; Mommy: letting it go

Poor little man has had two very bad nights--I got up both nights to comfort him and he just wouldn't stop holding on tight. 

Could this be the phenomenon of separation anxiety? 

I am thinking maybe, and this is only because when company is over, which occurred on Sunday and Monday, the basic consensus is that Mommy should stay out of the little man's line of vision, or else he wants Mommy.  And when he wants Mommy then people can't interact with him the way they want to, and if he wants me too much, I get called out [in time] for being 'possessive,' when it was my son seeking me out for comfort.

Anyway, we are super-tired and super-cranky, so imagine the really awesome frat house that my husband will be coming home to tonight.  Poor guy.

It was a very tiring three-day weekend.  My husband worked a little yesterday, and I did a lot of cleaning after company left.  It was on and off stormy too, which led to a bigger and better mess around the house. 

We're hoping next weekend is a little more pleasurable.  I've gone through the emotional ringer this weekend with regard to some interesting comments made, but I'm learning I just have to let it go...and it's sooooo hard to let some things go.

If I were on a beach with just my two favorite boys, I would be as happy as a clam!

Wish I were here...

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