Mr. Toaster, RIP

My toaster pooped on me this week.

I didn't realize how much I needed that toaster <sniff, sniff>.

I now have a whole loaf of $2.99 Double Fiber Nature's Own bread, expiration 7/11/11, sitting on my pantry shelf patiently waiting to be gobbled up in the next few days.

Our son can't have his bread toasted, Mommy can't have her bagel, muffin, or bread toasted...and Eggo waffles, haha...Eggo-land is laughing their proverbial butts off right now.

On this past Saturday Sir Waffle Iron met Mr. Trash can.  Sir Waffle did not, though, cooperate making my food the way Mr. Toaster crunched up my bread, bagel, or Eggo.

It was a sad week for electrical appliances.  If my Little Miss Coffee Perker craps out on me tomorrow, I would probably sleep the day away, if my son believed in Mommy-sleep.

I am going to replace Mr. Toaster tomorrow.  May we find another reliable friend soon.

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