Our little friends are growing up

Well, it's official-- the gang that my little son 'hangs out' with are all growing up, and so fast.

I won't give names, but our first little guy turned 1 in June.  Such a cutie with a sweet Momma too.  His little smile is contagious, and he is on the go and consistently impressing me with how he moves so quickly.  His Mommy was one of the first Mommies from the playgroup to really reach out to me, and take me in with open arms.  I can never forget her kindness then, and her continued support today. 

Another buddy to our little guy turned 1 on July 1st.  He and our guy constantly talk to one another, and my guy has learned a lot from him.  It is so cute to watch them gab back-n-forth in only a language they understand.  His Momma just had her second little one too.  Another little boy who is so adorable.  Oh, how she handles a newborn and her new toddler is amazing.  Her love and patience is always apparent, and she has a willingness to do anything for others is omnipresent too. 

Now the twins are turning 1 today!  They are a month older than little man, and their Momma is such an awesome chick.  She is sweet and patient, and has so much energy.  I have admired her since the minute we met, and she just keeps me in awe at everything she does.  Her little girl and little boy are absolutely precious, especially with the endearing and adoring looks they always direct at their Mommy.  Happy First Birthday to you both (and Mommy too--good job Momma!)

Later this month we have another close friend to turning 1.  Together, they have started to play with stroller wheels and stuffed toys.  They are so cute when they are sitting beside one another, as my little guy likes to put his hand on the back of her high chair.  Her Momma is sweet, patient, and kind, willing to help out in a crunch, and so perfectly laid back to just the right degree, not too much, not too little.  (Note, this is a trait I would so like to acquire--she just knows how to roll with the punches, but still cares so much too...the balance is priceless; maybe one day I will be able to achieve it.)

Next month my little guy will turn 1.  It is an exciting and sad event at the same time.  He is growing up so quickly.  It is hard to believe that at this time last year he was still in utero.  If I look back at the past year, it was/is both a long and short year. 

All in all, the rewards of having a beautiful baby outshines all the trying times a parent goes through in the process.  Honestly, I can say for the first time since he was born that, in time, we will have another little one...when, we don't know, but it will eventually happen...eventually...
So, all that is left to say is:

We love you all, and are so blessed and happy to have you ALL in our lives.


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