Finally a first birthday party theme

It took me long enough to work through my creative juices to find the perfect theme for our little boy's first birthday...not that he would care because he has no idea that his birthday is coming up, nor does he understand the significance of it...but still...

My idea was finally not vetoed by Dad, which is good.  Most stuff I came up with, he believed, was too girlie,  but last night I think we came to a middle ground when I explained how, at one, our son is still in his cutesy phase in life where his first birthday party today is more of a party for us to celebrate him rather than a chance for him to bask in the sun.

My first idea was Sports, but everything is sports.  His clothes, his room, some toys...then I thought Mickey Mouse.  He loved it, but I've stopped having Mickey around (he gets on my nerves).  Then I thought Elmo.  Nah, too newly introduced.  Then a rainbow theme, with the coolest cake EVER, but it was thought to be to Bert and Ernie. 

I tried Care Bears, and puppies, and now we're finally at the final destination:  teddy bears or as my husband would rather me say a "bear" party ;-)! 

I can't wait to have this party.  I am working on ideas now :-)...

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