Oh my-- it's 80-what?! outside

I can't believe the forecast.  Yes, I am wasting a blog on the weather.  It has been absolutely disgusting here, and FINALLY we have some relief. 

After driving in the car, my son's face, legs, and arms will not turn red (and please know that no matter how long I run the AC before he gets in, it never cools down to the point where it's totally cool--even in the front seat, which really makes me worry about him in the backseat with his super tall, backward-facing seat).  Today, I will not be as worried about him having some heat-related illness, but, of course it's my nature to still worry about him (afterall he is my baby).

Our local weather people (yes, there are called meteorologists) claimed there would be a cool down by today (Thursday), but I didn't believe it.  Why would I?  I have been sweating my proverbial butt off since, well, I don't know when... (BTW, yes, it's still the same size, i.e., heat did NOT shrink it.)

My husband brought our the trash this morning and claimed it was cooler, but I thought, "Oh, it's still 7 AM"-- even though the past two weeks at 7 AM it was horrid outside. (Yes, 'horrid' is a little dramatic to describe the heat, I am aware of this.)

I am going to Downtown today to the Market, and I am so happy that my baby and I will not be sweating and sweltering. 

I won't let it get to me-- I can't have this expectation that it will be like this for long, but I am soooo going to enjoy the cool day of 88 degrees (Farhenheit).

Oh, and it's Peach Day at the Market.  Now, I am not a fan of fresh or canned peaches, but I am a fan of all things peach, if that makes sense.  (Yes, it is strange, but isn't that already obvious that I have that great flaw to my character ;-)!)

I will not be buying peaches, but I will be buying fresh fruit, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and maybe some zucchini, although, the last time, I didn't use that product in time.   I hope there are so good sales on raspberries, blackberries, and, I wonder, is it still blueberry season?

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