Infomercials in the wee morning hours

I think I figured out how some products continue to flourish, even though they're crap, and why other 'good' products just don't make it.

Enter:  postpartum mommy

When your baby is up every 1.5 to 2 hours to feed, is it really worth it to go back to sleep? 

Not really. 

So what can you do but stay up and get interested in something on TV...and let's be realistic, at 3 AM is there any quality programming really on the boob tube?


Enter:  newbie products by unknown companies

Their goal:  to get the sleep-deprived, harried/disheleved/pajama-ridden new mom to look forward to something wonderful, e.g., clear skin; shiny, healthy hair; perky boobs; an awesome food processor; a new fangled blanket; etc.  I am sure you get the point.

Postpartum moms are prey to entrepreneurs. 

At 4 AM one morning I almost bought some product called "Wen."  All these famous people use(d) it, why shouldn't I?  And they were all Moms?

My mistake.  To this day I am still getting solicitation emails that I should try out Wen.  I never purchased it, but I must have sought information about it at 4:30 AM.  What was I thinking?

Oh, that's right, I wasn't. 

It was my connection, at that point in time, with the outside world.  It made me feel like I would someday feel human again, if I buy this, and that I would look prettier.

I bought into the hype, but I fortunately didn't buy into the product.  Maybe a few more infomercials and I would have, but fortunately baby started sleeping better or Mommy found better programming through DVR.  Either way it was a God-send, or else I would have had many, many conversations with my husband on how I was spending money.

Wen Hair Care System (what I almost bought)
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