Too Much Excitement Yesterday

Yesterday was one of those days that was just clogged with 'incidents' big and small.

My little boy decided that walking around the desk chair was fun, but he uses his mouth as a tool too, which often gets him in trouble (or makes a mess for him).  So, my poor little guy fell and hit his mouth on the chair, and there was blood. 

I felt terrible; it seems like things of this nature happen in the morning when I checking email.  Only then does he NOT want to play by himself, but all other times, when I want to play, he often would rather play along to his own drummer, which is awesome and what he is, in theory, supposed to do.

I hate when my little guy gets 'boo-boos.'

He hardly bled, thankfully.  So he napped, woke up, and drank and ate, and then we went to his friend's first birthday at the park. 

His little friend is super cute, and his Mommy is really sweet and so creative too.  (I am so jealous of her innovation!)  She did a super cute first birthday at the park, with a grab book exchange for the little ones.

Anyway, my little man and I were there maybe 20 minutes before he had a meltdown, but, it turned out, it wasn't a meltdown, but a reaction to multiple bug bites near his right eye.  His face and eye swelled up fast, and he suddenly switched from energetic and happy to crying and agitated, and then to dazed and glazed (eyes). 

Of course, I panicked and rushed him to the pediatrician (thankfully right down the road). 

It seems little man reacted to the gnats that were flying in the pavilion.  It was scary because I thought-- oh no, anaphylactic shock.  (I have serious allergies to everything, so I know about the severity of a reaction.  I carry an Epi-pen, doesn't that sound glamorous ;-)?)

We got Benadryl at the pediatrician's and had to spend the next hour there for monitoring (breathing and pulse).  He was OK once the meds started to work, and no, my boy did NOT get drowsy.

We got home, he napped as usual, and then when he woke up he drank his bottle and we made a quick trip to Babies R Us. 

I missed two phone calls in that time, both from my husband, which I noticed on the drive home.  He was not happy since he was worried.  I didn't know he would be home from work before 5:00 PM.  I felt bad.

Needless to say, I was tired at night, as was Daddy and baby boy.

Yesterday was yet another 'exciting' day in our little family. 

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